WW2 German Driver's Proficiency Badge - Silver

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Driver Proficiency Badge in Silver

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Introducing the Silver Variant of the Driver Proficiency Badge, established on October 23, 1942, as a commendation for drivers of military transport vehicles during World War II. This badge was designed to recognize the dedication and skill of drivers who served in war zones after December 1, 1940. Open to both service personnel and civilian drivers under Wehrmacht command, as well as foreign volunteers, this variant was not available to members of forces allied to Germany.

To qualify for the bronze badge, individuals had to serve since December 1, 1940, either on the front line or in rear areas on specified fronts, with varying service periods based on the type of vehicle driven. For instance:

Motorbike reconnaissance and dispatch riders required 90 days of service. Supply vehicles supporting the front line necessitated 120 days of service. Other forms of military transport required 135 days of service. To Qualify for the Silver award these requirements must be met for a second time.

Authorized by battalion commanders and above, or by the Ministry of the Interior for civilians, the award could be forfeited for unsafe driving or failure to maintain the vehicle. Notably, it could not be awarded posthumously.

The badge itself depicts a steering wheel surrounded by a laurel wreath and is backed with a field grey material stiffened with a thin card.

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