German Playing Cards Acorn Variant

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Death Cards of the type as seen in the famous scene from the movie Apocalypse Now
These playing cards were left by United States Army and Special Forces units as calling cards after operations against the Vietcong in Vietnam. 

This is a brand new set of cards virtually identical to those used in the movies. The reverse of each card has the Air Cavalry badge as per the illustration above.  The deck of cards is contained in an attractive tuck box.

German Army Cards Acorn Variant

Slip these German WW2 Army Playing Cards into your tunic pocket and take them with you everywhere. Each box contains a standard poker card deck (52 card deck and 3 jokers) in an attractive gold, foil wrapped box From Black Jack to Snap, these cards will help keep boredom at bay around a camp fire, at home or in your re-enactment setting.

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